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Level 1

Instructor and student floating in pool(6-13 Years)

The beginner Swim Kids level introduces participants to floating, glides and submersion. At the end of this level, participants will be able to swim short distances on their own. Level 1 is roughly equivalent to the Preschool Salamander and Sunfish levels.

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Level 2

Instructor and student giving tumbs up in pool(6-13 Years)

Level 2 expands on skills introduced in Level 1 by refining rhythmic breathing, side glide and flutter kick. Upon completion of Level 2, participants will be able to swim half the length of our pool on their own. Level 2 is roughly equivalent to the Preschool Crocodile and Whale levels.

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Level 3

Student giving tumbs up in pool(6-13 Years)

Level 3 introduces the fundamentals of front crawl and encourages safe water entries such as basic dives. This is the first time participants will work on treading/surface support. Participants who have completed the entire Preschool program should enter Swim Kids at this level.

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Level 4

Student wearing goggles in pool(6-13 Years)

Level 4 incorporates all the front crawl elements into a cohesive stroke, and the fundamentals of back crawl. Completion of this level includes a one length swim of our pool, 45 seconds of treading/surface support, and a kneeling dive.

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Level 5

Instructor in pool student about to dive in(6-13 Years)

This level acquaints participants with whip kick and works toward a longer two length swim of the pool. You will also try stride dives. Completion of Level 5 is equivalent to the LSS Swim to Survive Standard.

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Level 6

Seudent holding on to the edge of the pool smiling(6-13 Years)

Level 6 is the first of the advanced levels, and the increasing requirements demand a longer, 45 minute lesson. This level sees the participants honing past skills like front and back crawl, as well the introduction of elementary backstroke and front dives.

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Level 7

Student doing backstroke in pool as instructor watches(6-13 Years)

An increased amount of endurance is vital in Level 7. Swimmers continue to work on dolphin kick and start the breast stroke basics. Level 7 safety includes rescues with equipment and response to emergency situations.

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Level 8

Student preparing to dive into the pool(6-13 Years)

Swimmers learn eggbeater treading in Level 8. Feet-first surface dives and standing shallow dives are also in the curriculum. The Level 8 distance swim doubles that of Level 7 to 300 m or 13 lengths of our pool.

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Level 9

Instrutor teaching student dive technique on pool deck(6-13 Years)

Stroke refinement and endurance are the focuses of Level 9. Plus, head-first surface dives and sidestroke further enhance past skills.

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Level 10

Group of students in pool as instructor watches from deck(6-13 Years)

Upon completion of Level 10, participants will have refined all their strokes and will be completely familiar with all Red Cross safety standards. Completing Level 10 prepares the participants for Swim Team or Lifesaving Courses such as Bronze Star or Bronze Medallion.

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