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Bronze Star

Bronze Star Medal

Prerequisite: 11-13 years of age

Recommended for anyone who is interested in later Bronze courses, this leadership course introduces swimmers to the basics of safe and responsible aquatic rescues. This level is an excellent preparatory level for Bronze Medallion and is a prerequisite if the swimmer is under the age of 13.

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Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid

Bronze Cross Medal

Prerequisite: 13+ years of age
Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid

This course incorporates the four components of water rescue: judgement; knowledge; skill; and fitness. Participants learn how to deal with Standard First Aid situations both in and out of the water. Successful completion of the in-water examination and written test is required to receive this certification.

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MNjcc Swim Team

3 students standing beside each other on pool deck

Prerequisite: 11+ years of age
Completed Level 10

Strengthen and improve swimming skills through a variety of workouts. Individual and group activities will help to mould participants into confident, strong swimmers.


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