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Cartoon Starfish(4-12 Months)

It’s never too early to get your child into the water. Starfish is a fun and interactive way to start swimming and learn new water activities. Parental participation required. 


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Cartoon Duck(12-24 Months)

Duck is the perfect level for those who love to splash and play in the bathtub and pool. It is also great for those who need to build a bit more confidence in the water. Parental participation required.

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Sea Turtle

Cartoon Sea Turtle(2-3 Years)

Increase your child’s comfort in the water through play and song. Sea Turtle works toward independent participation and skill development. Parental participation optional.

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Sea Otter

Cartoon Sea Otter(3-5 Years)

Using games and activities, swimmers begin to learn basic floats and glides. Sea Otter is the first skill-based level. Parental participation not permitted.

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Cartoon Salamander(3-5 Years)

For those who are comfortable putting their face in the water, Salamander works with students to improve their confidence with independent activities. Your child will be able to float and glide for short distances without assistance upon passing Salamander. Parental participation not permitted.

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Cartoon Sun Fish(3-6 Years)

Sunfish works toward each participant being able to swim alone for five metres, perform front and back glides for increased distances and float independently. Parental participation not permitted.

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Cartoon Crocodile(3-6 Years)

In this level, participants must demonstrate all skills independently. This is also the level where treading is introduced. To complete Crocodile, participants must be able to swim half the length of our pool. Parental participation not permitted.

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Cartoon Whale(3-6 Years)

The final step in the Preschool program, side glide and the fundamentals of front crawl are explored in Whale. Basic diving is introduced in this level. Children who complete this level go on to Swim Kids Level 3. Parental participation not permitted.

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