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Melting Away (Namess Ba’Geshem)

a woman leans into her reflection in a mirror, looking up towards the top of the mirrorJune 3, 2018
A co-presentation with Congregation Shir Libeynu for Pride 2018

Israel, 2012, Doron Eran, director, 86 minutes

When his parents find that he has been secretly wearing women’s clothes, Assaf (Hen Yanni) is locked out of their home. Years later, a private detective learns that Assaf is now Anna, an enchanting woman who sings at a nightclub. Don’t miss this mesmerizing drama about love, loss and acceptance.

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Me and the Colonel

Black and white still of two men sitting next to each other, a third behind them leaning his head on his fistSeptember 16, 2018
A co-presentation with Toronto Film Society

USA, 1958, Peter Glenville, director, 109 minutes
A subdued Danny Kaye plays a Polish-Jewish refugee who needs a way out of Paris before the Germans occupy the city. Kurt Jurgens plays his anti-Semitic ride out of France. This charming treasure is one of the first Hollywood films to refer to the Holocaust.

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Two women carrying lots of parcels and bags walk up stairs from a subway stationOctober 14, 2018

USA, 1978, Claudia Weill, director, 86 minutes

Before Girls, before Sex and the City, there was Girlfriends. As the TJFS celebrates its 40th year, we look back at this sharp 1978 comedy about female friendship, helmed by thirtysomething’s Melanie Mayron, with her eccentric break-out performance. Featuring Bob Balaban, Christopher Guest and Eli Wallach.
Guest speaker: Cultural Commentator and Contributing Books Editor at NOW Magazine, Susan G. Cole

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Destination Unknown

A man in an off-white blazer and baseball cap holds a chain link fence and looks beyond itNovember 4, 2018
A co-presentation with Holocaust Education Week Toronto

UK, 2016, Claire Ferguson, director, 78 minutes
Over a decade in the making, Destination Unknown weaves together the first-hand accounts of twelve survivors (some speaking for the first time) into a powerful and pointed testament to survival during and after the war. An intimate and immersive documentary. Toronto Premiere

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